Organising a Blood Drive

Organising a Blood Drive

Most people don't realize that they can host a blood donation drive right in their local community or workplace. You can. Hosting a blood drive is not only the ultimate demonstration of volunteerism and community service, but many find that organising a drive in their community or place of business is a great way to support their loved one's medical needs.

You'll find that hosting a volunteer blood drive is one of the most important and generous ways to give of your time. You'll be making a difference in patient health care and saving lives! Sangam Blood Centre is here to help you every step of the way. We'll ensure a seamless process, giving you the tools to market your blood drive, recruit donors and prepare the location. Our dedicated blood drive mobile team can travel to most places throughout our state to run a blood drive on behalf of one of our patients.

The steps we take together

 Given, not made. Blood cannot be manufactured, and someone needs blood every second.

 Transforms two lives. Donating blood saves the receiver’s life and changes the donor’s life.

 Difference between life and death. Timely transfusions for persons undergoing surgery or trauma save and extend their lives.

 Safe, simple, and short. Donating blood is an uncomplicated procedure that does not impose on your time.

  Never dips. Blood is always needed, as it has a limited shelf life, and demand can spike quickly.

 Support medical advancements. Blood donation is essential to further medical progress and develop treatments for diseases requiring blood products.

 For love and for honour. Blood donation is a beautiful way to honour the memory of a loved one or support a friend or family member in need.

Our Volunteers

Every drop counts. Little drops make a mighty ocean.

Surely you’ve heard those phrases. They ring so true in the context of blood donation. Every drop of blood counts and so does every donor.

Our volunteers operate on a unique ‘not-for-profit’ model. They are passionate about making a difference in people's lives and have been instrumental in the success of our blood donation drives. They are the backbone of Sangam Blood Centre, and we are grateful for their contribution to our cause.

Big hearts like yours can make a big difference. Care to join us? Find out more! Gallery